46º Congresso Brasileiro de Farmacologia e Terapêutica Experimental

From Cell Biology to Therapeutics

Fortaleza, 21 a 24 de Outubro de 2014
Prazo para submissão de resumos até 06/06/2014


Carta de Boas Vindas

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Brazilian Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, we would like to invite you to participate in our 46th Annual Meeting, which will take place in Fortaleza.

Our scientific committee has put together an exciting program focusing on the idea of translating knowledge from cell biology to therapeutics in several areas of pharmacology. As always, we have tried to bring novel ideas to discuss the frontiers of pharmacological knowledge.

Our meeting will be held for the first time in Northeast of Brazil. Specifically, in the beautiful city of Fortaleza, Ceará. We are expecting around 1200-1500 participants, including many enthusiastic young scientists. Fortaleza is one of the most popular destinations of Brazil facing the Atlantic Ocean, with a warm climate and a diverse and fruitful cultural life. 

Again, this year we ask all participants that activities are carried out in English, so that we can best communicate science with our foreign guests. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for our young Scientists and students to practice and communicate in the international language of science.

We do hope to see you in Fortaleza very soon.”


Mauro M Teixeira                                                                                                 Leticia V. Costa-Lotufo
President, SBFTE                                                                                                  Coordinator, Scientific Committee

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