Geraldo Aleixo da S. Passos Júnior


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Campo de pesquisa: Functional genomics (transcriptome analysis) of the immune system (thymus ontogeny, Aire gene, microRNAs and autoimmune diseases)

Graduated in Biology from UNESP State University (1980-83), Master MSc (1984-86) and PhD (1986-88) in Biochemistry from School of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, University of São Paulo, USP. His postdoctoral studies were conducted at the Molecular Genetics Institute of Montpellier (CNRS), France (1992-94) with sequencing and physical mapping of the human immunoglobulin lambda locus on chromosome 22q11.2. He is currently Associate Professor (MS-5.2) (Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology) at School of Dentistry and School of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (USP). He is coordinator of the Molecular Immunogenetics Group whose research lab is located at Department of Genetics, School of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, USP. In addition, he participates as an associate researcher in Brazil at FMRP USP: NAP - Inflammatory Diseases and CEPID-FAPESP - Inflammatory Diseases) and abroad: Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale de Marseille, France, INSERM Unité 1090 and University of Georgia in Athens, GA, USA.